The Lindsays

We spell with an "A" and not with an "E" you see!

The Lindsays (spelled with an A and not with an E)
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We are The Lindsays!

All who are named Lindsay are welcome to join.

However, your name must be spelled with an "A" as opposed to an "E" (which is the conventional spelling of this name). Besides, if you spell it our way... it's much cooler which in turn makes you coolest.

The Lindsay's with the "A" will save the day!

Us Lindsays are cool people, so lets talk about cool stuff! Feel free to chat about anything from your misadventures with your name to music! Go ahead, try it out. =]

Your moderator of this community is rvafashionista.

Please try to avoid promoting other communities... however, if you do feel the need to give a shout out to a cool community that you're a member of, please put the advertisement/info behind an LJ cut (for the FAQ on doing an LJ cut, go here) for the courteousy of other members. Thanks.

. . .

And if you harass other members, you will be banned promptly. I do not tolerate mean comments towards others, so play nice.


*pssst* if you want one of your own, go here!