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life of an art student

so the local community college where i take my classes is having a student art show. my colour theory prof "suggested" though not mandatory that we all submit a piece or two. since i did score an A on my first project, i figured i'd submit the self-portrait portion of that project.

so if any of you would like to see the jpg (which is not as good as the original that i printed out but you'll get the idea), please click on the lj-cut!

Image hosting by Photobucket

so my art & history classes consume all my time when i'm not working. yay!

. . .

who wants to jump in & be active in the comm like your mod?!? :-)
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I'm not an art student or anything, but I always wanted to take a color theory class because I like colors. ...Is that crazy?
No, it's not crazy! I have a lot of real world experience with colors at my job but this was a color theory and intro to Photoshop class and I needed classes in history, lit, or the arts... So it worked!

It's an AWESOME class. Tough as hell but I love it.