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The Lindsays [entries|friends|calendar]
The Lindsays (spelled with an A and not with an E)

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[29 Sep 2007|11:55pm]

The "A" Is The Way!

I found this interesting... [17 Aug 2006|09:28am]

[ mood | amused ]

<td align="center"> Lindsay --

A person who makes a living suing celebrities

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

. . .

Hope all is well for everyone! I can't believe summer's almost over... *sigh*
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Hey Lindsays. [12 Jul 2006|08:36pm]

There's not much updating around here anymore.  Since I'm just sitting around doing nothing on the internets, I thought I'd share a picture of me and my puppy I got for my birthday (in May).  Her name is Suzy and she's a 4 1/2 month old German Shepherd...

That's all, just a little something to (hopefully) amuse you.
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[27 May 2006|11:00am]

IM LINDSAY lol and i hate when people spell my name with an E or linsay, linzey, linsey ahhhhhhh it drives me insane lol. this is me

picturesCollapse )
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Lindsays! It's up to you! [27 Apr 2006|06:38pm]

How shall I amuse myself while at work for the next four hours?

[I have a job where I basically just sit there. There's a computer and a desk. I'm kind of depressed lately, so I'm looking for a way to brighten my day.]
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stayin' alive [24 Apr 2006|11:17pm]

[ mood | creative ]

here's some photos for your enjoyment! click the pic below to view my gallery!

(x-posted to my lj)
The "A" Is The Way!

it's still me. [06 Apr 2006|10:49am]

[ mood | crazy ]

thanks to a spiffy rename token... yours truly "nordygirl" is now rvafashionista.

in the end, i'm still just lindsAy. :-)

new myspace if you wanna add me

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[02 Apr 2006|04:59pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh what a night and morning!!Collapse )

yeah, I'm no bitch.. I'm sure of it. :) - CRAZZZY story.
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[30 Mar 2006|09:37pm]

Because I love rvafashionista and want to share some personal Lindsay love!!

Yours Truly.

Cutting cause I feel like being nice tonight!...Collapse )
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life of an art student [30 Mar 2006|08:12pm]

[ mood | creative ]

so the local community college where i take my classes is having a student art show. my colour theory prof "suggested" though not mandatory that we all submit a piece or two. since i did score an A on my first project, i figured i'd submit the self-portrait portion of that project.

so if any of you would like to see the jpg (which is not as good as the original that i printed out but you'll get the idea), please click on the lj-cut!

moody blue (self-portrait)Collapse )

so my art & history classes consume all my time when i'm not working. yay!

. . .

who wants to jump in & be active in the comm like your mod?!? :-)

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Let's talk about something! [29 Mar 2006|11:16pm]

What kind of hobbies do you all have?

Lately I've been knitting a lot. My latest project is my first pair of socks, which I plan on giving to my mom.

Pictures.Collapse )
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[20 Mar 2006|12:03pm]

So, while in Chicago I got some new sunglasses.

CHECK IT, yo!Collapse )

PASTEY is the new TAN.

and oh yeah, I live in the same area as the other Lindsay that just posted photos.
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This community is dead. [19 Mar 2006|11:28pm]

[ mood | content ]

So I've been doing a lot of camwhoring the last couple of days. It's what I do. So I'm sharing, from one Lindsay to the rest of you :].

+9Collapse )
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I'm new! ♥ [02 Dec 2005|02:33pm]

Hey everyone, I'm new here. My name is Lindsay (duh!) and I'm 19. I live in Florida. I go to college in Orlando and I'm originally from a little city called Parkland about three hours south. I live with my boyfriend of four years and our four cats. I adore animals (!!!), writing, photography, etc.

Just saying hi! :)

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Hey! [24 Nov 2005|11:38am]

I'm yet another LindsAy! I'm from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada and am a second-year journalism student. I really, really don't want to be a reporter though. I'm more into music and am hoping to study it next fall. Hmm letsee... I'm very offbeat and find pretty much anything funny, especially Monty Python. I have a wonderful boyfriend of six months too.
My life really isn't all that interesting right now... hah. I'll post more when it comes to me. If you wanna talk, that's cool, I would rather enjoy that. I promise I'll try to be more interesting than right now ;o)

-Lindsay Maureen H.
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